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With a bit of get-up-and-go, any recruiter can find candidates to fill vacancies. This isn’t us. We’re not interested in putting anyone with a handful of transferrable skills into a job. We’re more interested in value. Finding the right candidate for the right role, whatever your skillset is.

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We won’t waste your time. We’ll find you a role that 100% matches your ambitions. Forget working the 9-5 just to pay the bills. Forget being stuck in a role where the culture is counter to who you are or what you want. Forget the uncertainty, that niggling feeling that you’re in the wrong role.

Get in touch with LME to enjoy true job satisfaction. A renewed sense of purpose. Exactly what you want.

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So much of your commercial success depends on your staffing. Getting it right cannot be overstated. Shipping and logistics businesses need the expertise of a recruiter who knows what they’re doing. That’s LME. That’s logistics made easy.

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