How LME Has Changed Shipping and Logistics Recruitment Landscape in Just One Year

Logistics Made Easy lmerecruitment | 19th Sep 2023

September 19th, 2022. The day LME officially opened for business. The day when, armed with our wits and determination, courage and ambition, knowledge and experience, team spirit, career-long contacts, smartphones, and laptops, we launched our brand into the world.

It was smack in the middle of what economists and politicians told everyone over and over again: that an economic downturn was on the horizon. A time when COVID lockdowns and economic uncertainty still dominated topics of conversation, impacting our professional lives. When the future of logistics, shipping, and recruitment, like so many other sectors, seemed uncertain.

But we were stubborn. Who’d be crazy and gutsy enough to open a logistics and shipping recruitment brand at a time when the commercial world was on the ropes, punch drunk from a public health catastrophe and the resulting economic crisis?

Well, us. LME. We like a challenge.

We had a vision. We had a plan. To come out swinging. Do what we say. Meet challenges head-on. To make logistics easy. For recruiters and candidates.

There would be no messing around, false promises, or unmet expectations. No excuses, un-truths, or half-hearted sales pitches. We would be real. Honest.

We were all in. And a year later, we’re still all in. Ready to meet whatever challenges this coming year throws our way. And we’ll be here the year after that. And the year after that. And the year after that.

A year has passed since LME Recruitment officially opened for business. What a year it has been!

Our Brand

In just one year, we’ve exceeded even our own lofty ambitions. We have built a brand. One that is trusted by national and global players in the logistics and shipping sectors. People know about LME. They know what we have done, can do, and will continue to do.

We like to think that we’ve earned brand recognition. Trust. Our website. Social media. Ethos. Integrity. It’s all come together. Have we executed everything perfectly? Of course not. Could we have done things differently? Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

But, despite the ups and downs, the challenges, the good and the bad, we’ve been there together as a team. A family. Still as committed as the day we opened our doors one year ago. Our brand is established.

Our Team

Late evenings and early mornings. Weekends and holidays. It didn’t matter. Our team grafted to build a brand worthy of the name, Logistics Made Easy. Through it all, the LME team has been there for one another, committed to being the best we can be, individually and collectively, professionally and personally.

Members of the team are no longer with us. However, their impact on who we are now and will become in the future will never be changed. They will be remembered for their passion, their drive, their determination, dedication, and understanding. Their memory lives on. They are our inspiration. Our anchor.

The team today is stronger because of our experiences working and socialising alongside people who have shaped our professional and personal philosophies and impacted our lives in a way that we can never truly repay them.

To Sadie: You are with us. Always.

Our Contracts

In our first year of trading, we’ve secured major contracts and become a go-to recruiter for major players in the logistics, shipping, and warehousing sectors, both regionally and nationally.

Our vision, brand reputation, hard work, and dogged determination have been recognised. Awarded. Positioning ourselves as a specialist recruiter that delivers exactly what we say we will, we have built a robust foundation from which we will use as a springboard to future successes in the years ahead.

We were chosen as the sole supplier to the prestigious Port One Logistics Park, the bespoke fulfilment and warehousing development located in the heart of the Freeport East zone. In doing this, we beat out more established competitors.

But that’s not all. We have been awarded contracts to supply candidates to some of the biggest warehousing companies in the UK. And so much more.

These successes show that we have already disrupted the established order. Our whole team has risen to the challenge and won prestigious contracts, both regionally and across the UK.

Our Achievements

They say the first year in business is the most difficult. You start with a blank slate. An idea of what you want to become. Where you want to be. The difference you could make.

A goal is just a goal until you make it a reality. Then it’s an achievement.

We had projected that LME would turn a profit within three years. We’ve done it in one. This is entirely due to our team, our family, and their commitment to helping LME do what we needed to turn goals into achievements.

Our Future

Our first year has been challenging. There is no doubt about it. But despite everything that’s happened, professionally and personally, the highs and the lows, LME has faced our challenges head-on and persevered, achieving great successes in the process.

We had a vision. A goal. One that was ambitious. And we’ve smashed it. Thanks to the whole team. With the first year now over, we’re looking forward to tackling more challenges in the future. It’s now onto bigger and better things.

We hope that you’ll join us on this journey. And congratulations to everyone. We’ve done it all together. We give a BIG THANK YOU to all of our clients and candidates, our successes belong to you.

Straight from the Bird’s mouth