We know what you’re thinking. Another About Us page. You’ve read these a hundred times before. It’s easy to forget the combined years of experience our team has, remembering just that it’s a lot. That our team has invested decades building connections with leading national and international SME and blue-chip employers in the logistics sector. That our commitment to putting the right candidate in the right job, an environment that’s tailor made for them to thrive, is absolute.

At LME Recruitment we do things differently. Let’s be honest. All you really care about is what we can do for you. And rightly so.

Whether you’re a client or a candidate. We’re NOT interested in merely putting people in jobs. This is NOT what we’re all about.

We want clients to be known far and wide for all that they stand for. To achieve their ambitions, both big and small. On a local, national or international stage. This requires a tailored, measured approach to recruitment. It requires getting to know clients and building relationships.

We want candidates to get up every morning with a spring in their step, buzzing, with that feeling that you just can’t wait to get into work. To feel valued. To be the kind of employee that your colleagues know will get the job done.

Why is this so important?

We know that everyone’s different. Different degrees of expertise, of experience, of knowledge and capability, career goals. That’s recruitment, right?

This is where the challenge lies. And we like a challenge. We like achieving. Making sure that our candidates have the support they need to find that perfect role. Helping our clients to build a solid foundation to prosper now and in the future.

It’s about PEOPLE. Matching the right candidate with the right business. PEOPLE drive success. This is what we focus on, delivering the people you need to succeed.

Project Talent

A project is only as successful as the talent sourced. Whether you’re a client on the hunt for gifted candidates for a bespoke project, one that requires a range of disciplines, from supply chain or operations staff like project managers or warehouse managers or operators to freight forwarding import or export staff, customs clearance, even customer service, client’s need the exact collective attributes, attitude and natural faire from their workforce to succeed.

Clients need a recruiter who knows the logistics sector inside out and, more importantly, has a pool of knowledgeable experienced, exemplary and dedicated team who can get the job done.

This is precisely what LME Recruitment can provide you.

Our Values

Every business should have clearly defined values. And we’re no different. What we believe to be important as a collective group working towards a common goal helps us to make better decisions for our business and our clients.


we do what we say and mean what we do.


we DON’T adopt a one-size fits all approach. This simply doesn’t work. Each of our clients and candidates benefit from a highly personalised service that meets their recruitment needs.


we take the time to build a relationship with our clients and candidates. We don’t take a ‘okay, that’s done, onto the next’ approach. Clients and candidates are valued in equal measure. We invest time and effort. We build relationships to stand the test of time.


we know what we’re doing. That’s the benefit of having a team with decades of experience working in the logistics recruitment space.


we’re no fluff. We don’t send candidates CVs to clients on a wing and a prayer and waste client’s time with unsuitable candidates.


we work hard to make sure that our clients have the level of service they deserve, and candidates are able to secure the role they deserve.

Logistics Made Easy

In the end everything boils down to one thing: trust.

Our client’s trust is to source the talent they need to drive their business forward.

Our candidate’s trust us to match them with an employer who shares a similar ethos, values. An employer who can help them achieve their career and personal ambitions.

All you need to know about us is that we know what we’re doing. At LME Recruitment we don’t just strive to make logistics easy, we ARE logistics made easy.

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We do things differently. But at the end of the day, we’re here to work with you, guide you. Make sure you achieve your ambitions, from sales account managers to clearance clerks, counter balance fork lift drivers to customs compliance officers, we’ll find you the ideal role.